Honeywell HRHT4041 4 CH DVR + 2 Ball-Cam HD30HD2 + 2 bullet-Fixed Cam HB74HD2+1TB Storage

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Video Input: 4-Channel DVRs 
Video Output: 1ch VGA, 1ch HDMI

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Honeywell HRHT40414

Hybrid 4 MP DVRs Supercharge your analogue security system with Honeywell’s HQA (High Quality Analogue) technology for High Definition 4 MP images over your existing coax infrastructure. Our newest HQA DVRs use an over-coaxial cable analogue HD video transmission standard to allow long-distance HD transmission at a lower cost. The Performance Series HQA Hybrid 4 MP DVRs are the economic alternative for achieving HD video surveillance while retaining your existing BNC cables and cameras.

Fully uHillgy-h decoding capability for fu featured DVRs ll HD viewing and recording. • View up to 16 channels simultaneously on your monitor with 4 MP full frame rate preview. • Record all channels @ 4 MP full frame rate. • H.264 dual-stream video compression. • Each channel supports HQA/analogue video input; up to 8 additional channels support IP video input. • Simultaneous HDMI/VGA video output. • Smart Search and Smart Face Detection (1Ch supported per DVR)

Easy to Use

The Quick wizard and plug-and-play (like traditional DVRs and analogue cameras) make setup fast and easy. • Physical installation within minutes with the help of a comprehensive and easy-to-understand quick installation guide.

Convenient, Flexible Storage Options

 Internal storage: 4-Channel DVRs available with 1 or 2 TB storage (1 HDD). 8-Channel DVRs available with 2 or 4 TB storage (2 HDDs). 16-Channel DVRs available with 2, 4, 6 or 12 TB storage (2 HDDs). All DVRs are also available without HDD on board. • Store videos and snapshots to external storage such as the client’s PC, through the Internet. • Store videos and snapshots to an external network storage server such as an FTP site.  Store videos and snapshots to a USB storage device.

Dynamic, Accessible Monitoring

 Monitor from anywhere using the mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. • All channels support synchronous playback and smart search (search for video that was recorded because motion was detected in a selected area).

Safety Features 

Configurable motion detection and camera tamper detection settings, including configurable event notifications, such as automatic emails (with attached video or snapshot) and automatic alerts (such as buzzers).

Market Opportunities 

The Performance Series HQA Hybrid 4MP DVRs’ HQA technology makes these DVRs perfect for installations where you want HD-quality video while still using your existing coax infrastructure. • These HQA DVRs also deliver higher quality video than current 960H analogue systems, but at a similar cost.

More Information
Brand Honeywell
Product Name Honeywell HRHT4041 4 CH DVR + 2 Ball-IN Cam HD30HD2 3.6mm + 2 bullet-Fixed Cam HB74HD2 3.6mm
Model HRHT4041
Connectivity InterFace: 1 HDMI (up to 3840 x 2160); 1 VGA - USB: 2 ports: 1 USB 2.0; 1 USB 3.0
Resolution 3840 x 2160, 2560 x 1440, 1920 x 1080; 1280 x 1024; 1280 x 720; 1024 x 768

Immediately Detect and Respond to Events

The Performance Series HQA 4 MP Hybrid DVRs can be configured to automatically detect and respond to events such as motion in the scene, alarm inputs, video loss, and/or tampering. Automated responses include: Sending a notification through email, FTP and/or HTTP.  Uploading still images at the time of the event through email and/or FTP.  Recording a video clip of the event to a configured the client’s or network-attached storage.

Product warranty 3 Years
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