ابل ايفون SE - سعة 32جيجا بايت - رمادى

الشريحة: شريحة نانو
الشاشة: 4.0 بوصة , 640 × 1136 بيكسل
الرامات: 2 جيجا بايت
الذاكرة الداخلية: 32 جيجا بايت
الكاميراالخلفية: 12 ميجا بيكسل 
الكاميرا الامامية: 1.2 ميجا بيكسل

سعر خاص ج.م. ‏ 4,999 السعر العادي ج.م. ‏ 5,555

Apple iPhone SE 

iphone SE

A big step for small.

Welcome to iPhone SE, the most powerful 4‑inch phone ever.

To create it, we started with a beloved design, then reinvented it from the inside out.

The A9 is the same advanced chip used in iPhone 6s.

The 12‑megapixel camera captures incredible photos and 4K videos.

And Live Photos bring your images to life.

The result is an iPhone that looks small. But lives large.


A beloved design. Now with more to love.

iPhone SE takes an incredibly popular design and refines it even further.

Crafted from bead-blasted aluminium for a satin-like finish, this light and compact phone is designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

A brilliant 4‑inch Retina display makes everything look vibrant and sharp. And matt-chamfered edges and a colour-matched stainless steel logo finish the look.

App Store

There’s an app for that.

With over one and a half million apps in the App Store, you’ll be able to make your phone your own.

Whether you browse by category or search for something specific, quickly discover and download new apps with a tap.

Your Wish is it's Command

Siri is your personal assistant, letting you use your voice to send messages, search the web, get guidance on public transport and more.

You can even ask Siri to search your photo library to find just the photo or video you’re looking for.

Camera and Live Photos

The only camera you’ll ever need.

With a 12‑megapixel iSight camera, you can be sure to capture sharp, detailed stills like the ones shot on iPhone 6s.

That includes shooting and even editing brilliant 4K video, which is up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video.

Capture more than a moment.

Live Photos bring your still photos to life with sound and movement.

Simply touch and hold anywhere on your 12‑megapixel still and experience the moments just before and after it was taken, so your photos turn into living memories.

FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash and iCloud Photo Library

Your selfie just got more beautiful.

The Retina display isn’t just a place to see your content it’s a flash for your FaceTime HD camera.

Powered by a custom display chip that allows the display to flash three times brighter than usual, Retina Flash helps illuminate your selfies in low light and at night.

And a True Tone flash matches the ambient light for more true-to-life colours and natural-looking skin tones.

All your photos and videos, always with you.

iCloud Photo Library stores every photo and video you take, and keeps them up to date on all your devices.

Any edits you make are automatically updated everywhere, so you can view a photo from last week or last year no matter where you are.

Touch ID and Wireless

Advanced security. At your fingertip.

Touch ID makes unlocking your iPhone SE simple and secure.

After all, your fingerprint is the perfect password no two are alike and you always have it with you.

Ultra‑fast wireless and Wi‑Fi.


The most powerful 4‑inch phone ever.

At the core of iPhone SE is the A9, the same advanced chip that’s in iPhone 6s.

With 64‑bit desktop-class architecture, the A9 chip brings you spectacular speed and responsiveness.

And with console-class graphics performance, your favourite games and apps are incredibly rich and immersive.

Making it a mighty chip for maximum performance.

Super-efficient M9 motion coprocessor.

Embedded directly into the A9 chip, the M9 motion coprocessor connects to the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope for

a range of fitness tracking capabilities, such as measuring your steps and distance.

It also makes it easy to activate Siri by simply saying “Hey Siri” without having to pick up your iPhone.

Browse the web, download apps, games and stream video over 802.11ac Wi-Fi and ultra‑fast wireless.

iPhone SE also supports Wi-Fi calling for high-quality wideband calls.

And with Bluetooth technology, you can stay connected to your Apple Watch, external speakers and other devices.

iOS 9

Hardware and software made for each other.

With an easy-to-use interface, amazing features and security at its core, iOS 9 is the most advanced mobile operating system and the foundation of iPhone SE.

It’s designed to look beautiful and work beautifully on your iPhone, so even the simplest tasks are more fun.

Apps that help you do more every day.

Your iPhone comes with a collection of essential apps straight out of the box.

Messages lets you send texts with photos, videos links and more.

Music makes it easy to access the entire Apple Music library along with your personal collection.

With FaceTime you can make video calls from your iPhone to someone else’s iPhone, iPad or Mac.

And Maps keeps you headed in the right direction.

المزيد من المعلومات
الماركة أبل
اللون رمادي
نوع المنتج موبايل
شبكه 2جي GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
شبكه 3جي HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100
دعم شبكه الجيل الرابع LTE band
الشريحة (SIM card) Nano-SIM
الشريحة (SIM card) شريحه واحده
الرقائق (Chipset) Apple A9 (14 nm)
البروسيسور (CPU) ثنائي النواه
سرعة البروسيسور (CPU) بـ الميجا هيرتز ثنائي النواه 1.84 جيجا هرتز Twister
معالج الجرافيك (GPU) PowerVR GT7600 سدادسي النواه
سعة الرامات (RAM) 2 جيجا
حجم الشاشة (Screen) 4.0 بوصة
معلومات الشاشة شاشة 4.0 بوصة 640 × 1136 بكسل LED-backlit IPS LCD كابستيف تدعم اللمس 16 مليون لون 326 نقطة في البوصة
المساحة الداخلية (Internal Storage) 32 جيجا
ذاكرة خارجية External Storage غير متاح
نظام التشغيل (Operation System) iOS
اصدار نظام التشغيل iOS 9.3.2, upgradable to iOS 12.1.3
الكاميرا الرئيسية 12 ميجا بكسل و بفتحة عدسة f/2.2 و 29mm ، ضبط تلقائي ، ثنائي فلاش LED
الكاميرا الاماميه 1.2 ميجا بكسل و بفتحة عدسة f/2.4 و 31mm و بجودة 720p و 30 لقطه في الثانية و face detection, HDR, FaceTime over Wi-Fi or Cellular
Video Resolutions 720p@30fps
بلوتوث (Bluetooth) يدعم , الاصدار 4.2 مع A2DP ، LE
الشبكات المحلية اللاسلكية (WLAN) Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, hotspot واي فاي
رسائل iMessage ، الرسائل القصيرة ، رسائل الوسائط المتعددة، البريد الإلكتروني، دفع البريد الإلكتروني
البلوتوث يدعم , الاصدار 4.2 مع A2DP ، LE
ان اف سي يدعم ( للدفع بخدمة Apple Pay فقط )
يو اس بي يدعم , الاصدار الثانى ، reversible connector

مستشعر البصمه ، التسارع، الدوران، والقرب، بوصلة

البطاريه لي بو 1642 mAh مللي امبير غير قابلة للازاله تصل الي 240 ساعه في الجيل الثاني و تصل الي 240 ساعه في الجيل الثالث تصل الي 14 ساعه في الجيل الثالث
الضمان (Product Warranty) سنة
كتابة مراجعتك
انت تقيم:ابل ايفون SE - سعة 32جيجا بايت - رمادى
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